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Messenger-RNA transfection

Near 100% transfection efficiency achievable
High-quality, certified RNAse-free reagent
Expression detectable within hours up to days
Serum compatible, easy protocol

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Small RNA transfection

Efficient transfection with low amounts of siRNA
Suitable for high throughput screening
Compatible with serum-containing media
Minimal cytotoxicity

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Protein transfection

Fully synthetic transfection reagent
Suitable for peptides and whole proteins
Up to 98% efficiency
Serum compatible

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DNA transfection

For transfection of plasmid DNA
No need for special media, serum compatible
Very efficient (>90%) depending on cell line
Fast & easy protocol

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Synvolux Transfection Reagents

Synvolux is an independent company based in Leiden, the Netherlands, that develops, manufactures, and markets highly efficient transfection reagents. Its proprietary delivery technology (SAINT™) is based on non-viral, entirely synthetic lipid structures. These compounds have been demonstrated to be non-toxic and broadly applicable in vitro and in vivo for highly efficient intracellular delivery of macromolecular compounds such as DNA, RNA, and protein/peptides.

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