Partnering opportunities

Synvolux has a range of collaborations and licensing agreements with academic and commercial partners. partneringWe are always on the lookout for new opportunities to establish mutually beneficial relationships, and we welcome proposals from third parties that wish to license, co-develop, or to collaborate with us. Synvolux is a flexible organization that can move fast, and we value strong and long-lasting partnerships designed to deliver value for both parties.


The company’s patent portfolio covers more than 20 issued patents and patent applications in various territories. In addition, Synvolux maintains and continues to expand its proprietary OptiSAINT™ library, containing a large number of formulations comprising different SAINT lipids, helper lipids, and accessory compounds for optimized transfection of specific cell types. Saint-o-somes™ are patented, SAINT-based immuno-liposomes for in vitro and in vivo purposes which may be tailored to release their cargo (e.g. DNA, RNA, protein/peptides) to specific cell types or tissues through antibody-directed targeting. If you are interested in licensing our technologies, then please contact us.

Synvolux is also open to in-licensing opportunities. If you have developed a novel technology that complements our products, and/or if you are looking for a partner to help you develop or commercialize innovations, then feel free to discuss partnering options with us.


In addition to developing our own products, we are also eager to partner and collaborate with others to develop novel applications for SAINT products. At Synvolux, we welcome collaborative alliances and joint research or development projects that produce win-win situations and lasting benefits for all parties involved. Parties working with us can benefit from our expertise, resources, and broad network. Examples of ongoing collaborations include a clinical study in which GMP-compliant SAINT products are used to knockdown immune checkpoint inhibitors, a research collaboration to optimize and formulate peptide vaccines, and joint projects to develop DNA vaccines against CMV and cancer.

As a highly dedicated and motivated, small-medium enterprise (European SME), we also welcome invitations for participation in Horizon 2020 programmes or for contributing in other grants and subsidies. Feel free to contact us if you would like to collaborate with us.


Synvolux is committed to the quality and success of our products and to make these available as broadly as possible. Distributorship may be offered to qualified companies in certain territories to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship. Our distributors will benefit from:

  • Affiliation with a well-respected manufacturer whose thoroughly researched products meet the highest standards of quality.
  • Access to the knowledge base of our experienced research and development team.
  • Quality products made in Holland for competitive wholesale prices.
  • Exclusive representation of Synvolux products in the authorized territory.

We are currently looking for qualified distributors in the US, Asia, and Australia. For representation in other countries, please contact us. Potential distributors should be dedicated in promoting and distributing Synvolux products and should meet the following criteria:

  • Experience in selling life science reagents, must have a local office in the pursuing territory.
  • Launch Synvolux products in a market/country where the products are not available yet.
  • Prospective distributors must meet mutually agreed annual sales quota. Synvolux reserves the right to terminate distributorship when targets or criteria are not met.

If you are interested in working with us and becoming a local distributor for Synvolux products, please contact us.