RNA transfection reagent


Product information
  • An improved, PBS-compatible version of SAINT-RED
  • Quick and easy protocol
  • Efficient transfection using low siRNA concentrations
  • Low toxicity
  • Serum compatible
  • Fully synthetic transfection reagent
  • RNase-free production
  • Suitable for high throughput screening

The SAINT-sRNA transfection reagent is a proprietary, non-toxic formulation of fully synthetic cationic and neutral lipids that forms positively charged complexes with small RNA, such as siRNA and miRNA mimics or inhibitors, and enables highly efficient delivery of small RNA into a variety of mammalian cell lines. Minimal amounts of siRNA are required for efficient down regulation of the target gene. The transfection procedure using SAINT-sRNA is easy: just mix the reagent with your siRNA or miRNA, incubate and pipette the complexes onto your cells. SAINT-sRNA transfection reagent (1 ml) is sufficient for up to 200 transfections in 24-well plates or up to 1000 transfections in 96-well plates.

Shelf life of the product

SAINT-sRNA, stored at 4°-7°C, is stable for at least one year after opening.


The general SAINT-sRNA protocol is suitable for many experimental conditions. However, since siRNA are extremely susceptible to degradation by RNAses present in serum, an Alternative Serum-Free siRNA Transfection Protocol using SAINT-sRNA is available. Which protocol will be best for your research goal is highly dependent on the experimental conditions (e.g. cell type, cell conditions, siRNA quality and stability). One of our customers compared both protocols for siRNA transfection in HUVEC and showed that the Alternative Serum-Free siRNA Transfection Protocol worked best in their experimental conditions.



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GMP-grade transfection

The SAINT transfection reagents can be produced compliant to current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). For more information click here.


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