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In addition to Synvolux’ products for the transfection of DNA, RNA and proteins, Synvolux also offers several custom products and services. These include SAINT-Solid: lyophilized pure SAINT lipids allowing our customers to produce SAINT containing liposomes according to their own recipes. Furthermore, SAINT-Vivo has been developed as an efficient in vivo delivery agent for DNA vaccines that have been shown to elicit potent T and B cell responses. Customers may also provide targeting reagents (e.g. antibodies) and cargo (e.g. siRNA) for the production of custom liposomes (SAINT-O-Somes) for in vitro and in vivo applications. If you are looking for GMP-compliant transfection reagents, please contact us.  Click the relevant tabs below for more information on these custom products and services.

For clients with difficult-to-transfect cells or not enough time or resources on their hand, Synvolux also offers custom screening and optimization services to identify the most suitable transfection reagent from Synvolux’ library of >100 distinct transfection reagents in combination with DNA, siRNA, mRNA, or protein/peptides. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and wishes.

Lyophilized pure SAINT lipids


In vivo transfection reagent


  • SV-2007-01
    € 315
    1 ml : 1x 1 ml SAINT-Vivo
  • SV-2007-02
    € 585
    2 ml : 2x 1 ml SAINT-Vivo
  • SV-2007-04
    € 995
    4 ml : 4x 1 ml SAINT-Vivo
  • SV-2007-12
    € 2800
    12 ml : 1x 12 ml SAINT-Vivo
  • SV-2007-XX
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Progress in drug delivery: SAINT-O-Somes

Synvolux has a long-standing experience in the formulation and production of transfection reagents for macromolecules such as DNA, RNA, and proteinaceous material.

SAINT-O-Somes, invented by Synvolux and patent-pending, allow the targeted delivery of biomolecules in vitro and in vivo to specific cell types or tissues. For example, SAINT-O-Somes targeted to VCAM-1 and E-selectin have been demonstrated to selectively and functionally deliver siRNA into inflammation-activated endothelial cells in vitro. What’s more, Kowalski et al. demonstrated endothelial-cell-specific delivery of siRNA by targeted Anti-VCAM-1 SAINT-O-Somes in vivo, resulting in downregulation of inflammatory genes in inflamed mouse kidney.

This new class of synthetic drug-delivery devices is biodegradable, targetable and biocompatible. Targeted SAINT-O-Some technology may significantly reduce clinical effective dosing, minimize off-target effects, and thereby reducing adverse effects in patients. For more information on how SAINT-O-Somes are or can be used, feel free to contact us.

Synvolux Therapeutics is continuing its effort to make resources available to bring targeted drug delivery technology towards a relevant clinical application. Since SAINT-O-Somes provide a platform technology and possibilities are numerous, researchers with co-development proposals are invited to share ideas.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.